- Our Story -

Azmi Jebali was born to own a restaurant. His friends had already decided he should take the plunge. They enjoyed his eastern Mediterranean dishes and came in droves when he prepared meals for functions. Whenever he cooked he was always asked "When are you going to open a restaurant?". That question was answered in 2003 when Azmi launched the Mediterranean Cafe in Lexington South Carolina

Home for Azmi is a small town near Tel Aviv in Israel. His mother Oqaila Jebali was an excellent cook and always made sure their home was full of fresh vegetables from their farm land. Azmi brought these influences to America when he enrolled at the University of South Carolina. He quickly gained much popularity by cooking for his friends that loved the flavors of his homemade cooking. It is then that he met his wife Beth Hendrix Jebali and he settled down in Lexington and started his family. After years of running a successful landscaping company, Azmi took the plunge and opened The Mediterranean Cafe in 2003 in the heart of Lexington and it has been a town favorite ever since. We have always tried and hoped to provide great food and service to the Lexington area and we plan to do so for many years to come.

This dream has been made possible by the support of friends and family throughout the years and it has always been tremendously appreciated. For that we all at The Mediterranean Cafe thank you!

* * * 

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